Each of my images are available as limited edition canvas giclée prints, which are then gallery wrapped on a wood frame.  several images are available as a three piece series – found under the “series” tab – which are sold individually, in several sizes to accommodate your space.  additionally, triptych pieces are also available, which are horizontal images that i have divided into three pieces (prices include three pieces).

giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) fine art photographic prints are individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproductions produced by a special large format printer. they have the look and feel of an original painting, but are actually prints from very large digital photographic files.  giclées are created by an extraordinarily fine spray of ink which delivers more than four million droplets per second, resulting in the appearance of a continuous-tone print.

giclées can be printed on any number of media, from canvas to watercolor paper to transparent acetates. in this case, my vibrant macro-photographs are printed on richly textured canvas, which is acid free and 100% cotton. it is then hand coated for added UV protection and water resistance with semi-gloss varnish. finally, I have hand stretched and gallery wrapped it on a frame. these images have anticipated fade resistance for 100 years when displayed under normal lighting conditions..